Can You Hear Me OK?

“CAN YOU HEAR ME OK?” is collaboration between myself and Clerestory AV. The video series features intimate performances and discussion with local and regional songwriters, providing new perspectives on their inspiration and songcraft. As minimalistic and stripped down as possible, these performances and the style of filmmaking complement one another as being the fundamental element…

AT&T Hello Lab

The Hello Lab initiative helps lift up underrepresented and emerging filmmakers and writers and gives them a platform to have their voices seen and heard. My role was to create trailers and social assets for each of the five unique films and create a cohesive message across all films and platforms. Cutting and delivering over…


Supervising editor, graphic designer, GFX package creation and writer. A Facebook exclusive show, sponsored by Chrysler. Hosted by Tracy Hutson from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

This show consists of 20 short DIY home makeover projects with inspiration derived from movie stars, directors, and the Hollywood lifestyle. Originally created to consist of several standalone 22 minute episodes with ancillary content, production was halted mid shoot. Roughly a year later, Chrysler show interested and sponsored the completion of the show. With no additional production days, my responsibility was to create 20 short project videos based on what had been shot (about 6 of 10 episodes).

IMDb Show Thumbnail

The IMDb Show

Editor on several episodes for The IMDb Show in IMDb TV. Edited while working remotely with a typical day and a half turnaround for episodes. Watch the Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish episode on “Night School” here: “IMDb On Location: The Cast of ‘Night School’”

TITO’s Vodka

The concept for this TITO’s spot was of a single shot that would slowly pass by an airplane tray table, through the window, and settle on a wide shot of the night sky. All the while clouds would appear and dissipate in the shapes of core values held by TITO’s; a dog paw to represent…

“Be Our Chef” for Disney+

Responsibilities included working directly with Disney in order to create an overall visual design that reflected not only the Disney brand, but also allowed for the show to stand out from the other Disney IPs. Created the full design package for the show including the logo, all in-show GFX and animations, and set design pieces…

“Hype Up” 8 Part Docuseries

I was supervising editor on this go90 exclusive 8 part mini-series for COMPLEX Media and Rated Red. In each episode, a featured artist surprises a youth team for a once in a lifetime encounter and special performance. True to the documentary form, these interactions and stories are true and genuine; no second takes and no elaborate setups. Featuring artists such as Ace Hood returning to his hometown of Broward County,FL to “Hype Up” the local football team by performing “Bugatti”, B.oB. (a firm believer in the idea that we inhabit a flat earth. Enough so that he started a kickstarter and gofundme campaign to raise money to prove it) performing his hit song “We Still in this Bitch”,  A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, LeCrae and more.