Top Grier

Supervising editor and motion graphic designer for this go90 original series which is now available exclusively on NETFLIX. 

Summary lifted from the official press release: Hayes Grier is headed home to Mooresville, North Carolina to lend a hand on family’s struggling farm and he’s documenting it all. Top Grier, the 36-episode original docuseries produced by RATED RED, premieres on Monday, November 14 only on go90.The series follows Hayes down home where he and his mates Tez, Jordan and the rest of his L.A. crew get to “work” getting his family homestead into top (maybe over-the-top) business shape.

“Obsessed” on Air+Style


Editor and camera/Movi operator for Air+Style’s original series “OBSESSED”, exclusively on Verizon’s go90 network. This episode focuses on Skateboarding icon, Billy Marks, giving a personal account of his childhood obsession, ice hockey.

“Word of Mouth with Josh Leyva” on Air+Style

Editor and camera for Air+Style Network series “Word of Mouth” exclusively on go90. Guerrilla style production; 13 locations over two days with the each location begin suggested via word of mouth. The series follows youtube star Josh Leyva as he discovers a few of the hidden gems Los Angeles has to offer.

AAPD “Find a Pediatric Dentist” – 60 sec.

Through an impassioned interview with pediatric dentist Dr. Anne Bynum and the patients she treats and holds dear, this documentary style commercial stresses the importance of choosing a pediatric dentist.


R’Lynn’s life with MS and the bond formed between her and her son Aaron.