“Hype Up” 8 Part Docuseries

I was supervising editor on this go90 exclusive 8 part mini-series for COMPLEX Media and Rated Red. In each episode, a featured artist surprises a youth team for a once in a lifetime encounter and special performance. True to the documentary form, these interactions and stories are true and genuine; no second takes and no elaborate setups. Featuring artists such as Ace Hood returning to his hometown of Broward County,FL to “Hype Up” the local football team by performing “Bugatti”, B.oB. (a firm believer in the idea that we inhabit a flat earth. Enough so that he started a kickstarter and gofundme campaign to raise money to prove it) performing his hit song “We Still in this Bitch”,  A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, LeCrae and more.