“Obsessed” on Air+Style


Editor and camera/Movi operator for Air+Style’s original series “OBSESSED”, exclusively on Verizon’s go90 network. This episode focuses on Skateboarding icon, Billy Marks, giving a personal account of his childhood obsession, ice hockey.

“Word of Mouth with Josh Leyva” on Air+Style

Editor and camera for Air+Style Network series “Word of Mouth” exclusively on go90. Guerrilla style production; 13 locations over two days with the each location begin suggested via word of mouth. The series follows youtube star Josh Leyva as he discovers a few of the hidden gems Los Angeles has to offer.

AAPD “Find a Pediatric Dentist” – 60 sec.

Through an impassioned interview with pediatric dentist Dr. Anne Bynum and the patients she treats and holds dear, this documentary style commercial stresses the importance of choosing a pediatric dentist.


R’Lynn’s life with MS and the bond formed between her and her son Aaron.